Impressionist Normandy

Thanks to the history of this location, which was the cradle of impressionism in 1850, where every painter who is famous today came to find inspiration in the water, the skies and the gardens, this experience is as meaningful as any.


Today, as then, the rooms in which those artists stayed are full of endless charm and quaintness and offer the same views of the river estuary and our historic cottage-style edifice as depicted in “La Route sous la neige”, the famous painting by Claude Monet.

To gain a deeper understanding of “impressionism” and the full array of its colour schemes, Gervaise, a female artist and native of Honfleur, will be your guide for a course in painting in which she will help you to relive a range of pictorial emotions.

As a way of complementing this artistic immersion, why not discover the following sites:

The Eugène Boudin Museum and its wonders, Giverny, which still resonates with the memory of Claude Monet, and the Museum of Modern Art at Le Havre, a true treasure-trove of impressionist art.


Authentic Normandy

The Ferme Saint Siméon is a typical 17th century Norman edifice, with a mix of blue-toned slate tiles and traditional half-timbered walls like those of an authentic farmhouse.


In this Norman setting, amidst the great cuisine peppered with local flavours, all made with love by our Chef, we offer bio treatments with Normandy apples and dairy products, which are delicacies of the spa, as well as tasting the best Crus de Calvados in our dining rooms and in our "fumoir".

The nearby, well-preserved town of Honfleur will charm you with its monuments, alleyways, small port and history.

There is also the option of visiting the Pays d’Auge and its wonderful and historical villages where you will find the most beautiful cottages and Calvados distilleries with their fresh sparkling cider, as well as Pont L’Evêque and Camembert, homes to the two respective famous cheeses.


Historic Normandy

There are many must-see locations in Normandy, such as the landing beaches and a range of historical sites from the Second World War, which await you on your day of discovery. Hop on a vehicle and head off on a tour with our guides and delve into the local history which lead to this newfound freedom.

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Our concierge, Xavier Parent, will be your ideal guide, giving you all the advice you need and helping you to navigate your way around these fascinating routes.


Exclusive Normandy

We offer exclusive experiences to our clients who are searching for a rare and unique sentiment.

Why not discover and appreciate the beautiful Norman panoramas from above? We can arrange for a helicopter to land and collect you right here in our gardens, and take you on an aerial tour of Etretat, Rouen and Mont Saint Michel.


Perhaps you would rather go on a slightly smoother yet aerial adventure in a hot-air balloon, departing from a Norman château and flying over the Pays d’Auge.

Maybe you would prefer to follow our nature guide, Arnaud Guérin, a photographer and a native of Normandy, who is ready to share his secret itineraries and invite you along to discover another side of Normandy with a catalogue of walks exclusively created and made available for our hotel’s clientele.

Alternatively, perhaps you would enjoy going behind the scenes at the most prestigious auction of Yearling horses at the beginning of August in Deauville and be among the first to identify tomorrow’s champions. Normandy is well-known as the region that specialises in horses par excellence!