Deluxe room

Ferme Saint Siméon

Cosy and bright

A magnificent option with a view of the Seine or our gardens! All these Deluxe rooms offer pleasant volumes with warm woodwork, sometimes under mansard roofs. The light from the Estuary and the gardens pours in.

Two of the rooms in the main house have historical significance; one was always chosen by the painter Claude Monet, and the other was favored by the painter Camille Corot.

In our Pavilion, the Deluxe rooms, with their spacious mansard and pleasant sitting area, open up to the wonderful apple orchard gardens.

On the Pressoir side, these rooms are complemented by a bath and a hammam shower, as well as a balcony or terrace to make the most of your escape to La Ferme Saint Siméon and Honfleur.

You will be charmed by this beautiful space, ideal for extended stays. Relax and enjoy the beauty of the merging skies and sea.

To preserve the hotel's history, charm, and character, all the rooms we offer are unique, with different spaces and decorations. The photos on the website simply give you an idea of the comfort in your chosen category.

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Drawing Leon Berville room 19 in Saint Simeon 29 August 1900 1

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