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Hotel near Deauville

Between elegance and authenticity

Deauville, with its boardwalk, racecourse, colorful parasols, and classified villas, is a renowned seaside resort. It may be more ostentatious than Honfleur but offers a different kind of charm. Dreamlike scenery abounds in Deauville. The names of American actors on the promenade can fuel your imagination regarding the famous figures who once walked these boards. Its palace and casino reflect the city's opulence and offer an escape. Deauville is a stark contrast to its tranquil and authentic neighbor, Trouville-sur-Mer.

view of the town of Trouville with the beach in the background - hotel near deauville

20 minutes from "les planches"

Our 5-star hotel is a 20-minute drive from Deauville. It's an opportunity to discover magnificent panoramas along the Côte Fleurie. Located along the entire coast of Pays d'Auge, between Cabourg and Honfleur, it's renowned and attracts tourists from around the world who come to marvel at the beauty of Normandy's landscapes.

view to the east along rue Desire le Hoc in Deauville - hotel near deauville

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